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Secrets to Always Having a Clean Home

If you aren’t naturally a neat and tidy person, it can feel impossible to keep your home in sparkling clean order. You may have friends or family members who always have a clean house that you envy, but rest assured, they weren’t born with a “clean” gene. Rather, they understand some simple secrets to always having a clean home. Look no further to learn our top tips and tricks for effortlessly keeping your home tidy and clean.

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Create space

Our number one secret to always having a clean home is to create space. No matter the square footage of your home, clutter makes everything feel messy and dirty. Individuals who are always neat and tidy understand how to create space in the area they are given. Ensuring breathing room, if you will, will make everything feel naturally cleaner.

This means creating free space on your countertops, free space inside drawers, free space in cabinets, etcetera. A great way to maintain this newfound space once you’ve decluttered is if you purchase something new, donate or toss something old.

In this same vein, individuals who are always clean have a spot for everything. There is a convenient dish by the front door to catch keys. There is a drawer in the living room to collect television remotes. Whatever it is that you often misplace because of a mess, create a spot for it.

Tackle little messes as they come

Before a small mess becomes a big problem, tackle the mess immediately. If you bring in the mail, open it and toss the junk right away. If you cook a meal, wash the dishes right when you’ve finished eating. If you toss something in the trash and notice it’s full, take it out right then. 

Tackling messes as they come when they’re small, ensures that the small mess doesn’t add up to be a full day of overwhelming tidying.

Create a manageable schedule

Our previous two secrets help with keeping tidy, but not necessarily keeping the home clean. People who always have a clean space typically create a manageable cleaning schedule for themselves. 

For example, designate Monday for completing all the laundry for the week. Then carve out time on Tuesday to complete dusting and vacuuming. Maybe it works best for you to complete one small cleaning task per day, or it may be easiest to dedicate an hour or two one day to get it all done at once.

Whatever works best for your schedule, be sure to stick to it. Soon cleaning will just become part of your daily living like feeding the dog or brushing your teeth.

We hope you feel inspired by these secrets to always having a clean home. Remember, cleanliness isn’t inherited, you can change your habits and enjoy living in a neat and tidy home.

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