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Small Touches to Add to Your Home for a Brand New Feel

Are you looking for a quick, affordable way to spruce your home? Small changes can give your home a new look without redecorating completely. From incorporating accent colors to adding wall art, you can add plenty of small touches to your home that will make a big difference. So, let’s get started! This blog post will discuss simple, budget-friendly ways to give your home a brand-new feel. 

Adding New Hardware

Updating the hardware in your home can be a great way to give it a fresh and modern look. Consider replacing outdated door knobs, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles with new ones that reflect your style. Swap out hinges on kitchen cabinets for a more polished look, or opt for something completely different, like a vintage-inspired doorbell. Don’t forget about other pieces of hardware, too—changing out switch plates and towel racks can help tie the look together. If you have the budget, adding a unique mantelpiece can also give your home an added wow factor. A reclaimed mantel adds character and will make your home stand out. With just these small changes, you can create the feeling of an entirely new house! 

Changing Out Light Fixtures

When adding a brand-new feel to your home, one of the easiest ways to do so is by changing out your light fixtures. Light fixtures can instantly create a different atmosphere in any room and help set the tone for the rest of the decor. You can make a significant impact with light fixtures, whether it’s a statement-making chandelier or subtle sconces. If you feel adventurous, you can create lighting fixtures with craft supplies and LED lights. With so many options on the market, you will surely find something that fits your style and budget. Either way, updating the lighting in your home will make all the difference. 

Adding a pop of color

Color can create a focal point in any room and is a great way to express your personality and style. Adding a pop of color to your home can have a dramatic impact. Whether you’re painting the walls, adding accent pieces, or sprucing up your furniture with new fabric, the possibilities are endless for adding color.  You can find inexpensive options that can easily be switched out when ready for a change. If you’re looking for an easy, budget-friendly way to add a pop of color, try some throw pillows or rugs. Wall art is also great for adding color without breaking the bank.

You can turn any space into a bright and inviting place with a bit of creativity. Adding color doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. All it takes is a few small touches to bring new life to your home. 

Rearranging furniture

Don’t overlook the potential of rearranging your furniture when it comes to giving your home a brand-new feel. This seemingly small task can give your space a completely different atmosphere. Start by imagining how you could switch up the layout of your furniture pieces. You could move your couch to the other side of the room, switch up the dining table and chairs, or move your bedroom furniture around. Another great option is to borrow furniture pieces from other rooms in your house and experiment with different placements. You might be surprised by how much rearranging just one piece can add to the ambiance of your home. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your furniture layout – you may find that what once felt cramped and cluttered can suddenly look open and inviting with a few simple tweaks. 


A backsplash is a great way to give your home a brand-new feel. Subway tile is a classic and timeless choice for any kitchen or bathroom backsplash. It comes in various colors and textures so that you can create the perfect look for your space. Subway tile is easy to install and clean, making it an excellent option for DIYers and homeowners on a budget. Subway tile is versatile and can be installed in various patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, allowing you to make a bold statement. Once installed, a subway tile backsplash will instantly transform the look of your space.

Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to giving your home a brand-new feel. It’s incredible how much impact little changes such as adding new hardware, changing out light fixtures, adding a pop of color, rearranging furniture, or even adding a backsplash can have on the look and feel of your home. These small changes may seem small, but they can make a massive difference in the overall ambiance of your space. By making these simple changes, you can easily create a new look and feel for your home without spending a fortune.

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