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Whether you’re buying or selling, a professional home inspection is a crucial step in the process. Tri-State Home Inspections can help assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.
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A residential home inspection will help you make an informed decision during the purchase process. You’ll be provided with information about the repairs and maintenance your new home may require. A full inspection report will be given along with photos and recommendations for necessary repairs.




A commercial inspection will give you valuable knowledge and insight into the condition of the property—and help provide confidence to prospective investors. You’ll be given a full report to understand the operations and maintenance required to create accurate budgets and repairs for the property.


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A pre-listing inspection will help inform you, a current homeowner, of previously unknown problems or safety hazards that you may want to address before selling your property. It will help you avoid negotiations and delays—and justify your full asking price.




A warranty inspection is performed before the expiration of your builder’s home warranty, typically within one year after construction. It lets you take advantage of the features and benefits available with your builder’s home warranty and helps ensure that necessary repairs guaranteed by the builder are executed before the warranty expires.


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Mold Testing


A mold assessment will help detect the presence of harmful microbial contaminants within the home or commercial property. We include a visual mold assessment at no additional charge with every inspection; however, if needed and at your request, your inspector can take mold samples to be analyzed to help with further detection. Mold testing can be an essential measure to protect not only your home’s structure but also your family’s health.

Wood-Destroying Insects

A wood-destroying insects inspection will help indicated the presence of insects that damage the wood and structure of a home or commercial property. This includes the presence of termites and other infestations like carpenter ants and carpenter bees. Your inspector will evaluate the structure for signs of current activity or previous infestations.

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Pool & Spa

A swimming pool and spa inspection will help evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components in order to identify any items that need repair. This inspection will help ensure buyers and sellers that the pool is safe, operational and reasonable to maintain.

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